Franchise Disputes

Franchise Disputes

Franchise relationships define so much of the hospitality industry. However, they can also seem one-sided and restrictive to individual hotel owners and property managers. When the franchise arrangement interferes with doing business, Patel Anderson LLP stands beside you. Our franchise attorneys are here to negotiate on your behalf, giving you the flexibility you need to build your hospitality business.

Our firm stands beside franchisees in their negotiations with and disputes against franchise owners in the hospitality industry. Whether you are entering into a new franchise agreement or navigating a franchise dispute, contact us today to set up a meeting.

Protecting Franchisees Through Franchise Disclosure Documents Review

One of the most common pitfalls of franchisees is failing to fully understand the Franchise Disclosure Document before signing the franchise agreement. Our attorneys provide a careful review of the Franchise Disclosure Documents, helping you understand the industry position of the franchisor you will be operating under, and the terms of any future franchise agreement. We have worked extensively with motel and hotel owners operating under some of the nation’s largest lodging names. We can use the information contained in the Franchise Disclosure Document to advise you about the risks and opportunities presented by the potential business relationship.

Advocating for Hospitality Professionals Negotiating Franchise Agreements

Your relationship with your franchisor all comes down to the language in the franchise agreement. A franchise agreement can propel a hospitality business forward, giving you instant credibility with guests and customers. However, franchisors know they have the advantage in dictating the terms of those agreements. Franchisors would have you believe you must accept their terms without question, but you don’t.

Our attorneys can help even those odds. Attorney Pimal Patel’s knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry can help you negotiate advantageous real estate transactions and advocate for a business arrangement that will work for you. He and the rest of our legal team will meet with you to help you understand your position within the industry and develop corporate strategies that will push your hotel to the top. We will negotiate for you with your future business partner, making sure the franchise agreements you sign advance your business goals.

Bringing Creative Problem-Solving to Franchise Disputes

The heart of most franchise disputes are breach of contract lawsuits. When a franchisor doesn’t live up to their promises in your franchise agreements, or claims that you have fallen short of your obligations, you need a strong commercial litigation team to stand behind you. Founding attorney Joseph Anderson and the rest of our team will help you develop your case against a false or underperforming lodging franchisor. We will help you expose franchisor misrepresentations, fight back against encroachment on your exclusive territory, and win the liquidated damages built into your contracts to compensate for breaches of contract.

We can also help you to defend against claims that you have violated the terms of your franchise agreements. When your franchisor sets you up for failure, or an unexpected emergency makes it impossible to meet your obligations, we will stand beside you and advocate on your behalf to resolve franchise disputes while maintaining the franchise relationship that your business depends on.

Fighting Back Against Franchisors’ Anti-Competitive Practices

Franchisors often try to control every aspect of your business operations as a hotel operator. While every franchise agreement includes some restrictions on how you represent the brand, sometimes the restricted vendor lists and anti-competitive practices go too far. When supply challenges or contractor disputes put you at odds with your franchisor’s approved lists, you can find yourself stuck between following your contract and operating your business. But you do have options. When franchisors cross the line into antitrust violations, forming monopolies and unfairly dictating the terms of your business operations, our franchise attorneys can stand up with you against that illegal behavior and defend your rights.

Get Personalized Assistance With Your Commercial Real Estate Litigation

We care about you and your lodging company’s future as much as you do. Our team of franchise attorneys are here to help you advocate for your interests as a small business owner against the assumptions that control much of the hotel franchise industry. We will meet with you to develop a strategic plan for your property and protect your business interests. We will see your hotel through even the toughest franchise disputes, from drafting the initial franchise agreement to litigating the final stages of a breach of contract lawsuit. Contact us today to speak with our team about your legal needs.