Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

From transactional disputes to land use and zoning issues, Patel Anderson LLP represents clients in virtually all forums, including state and federal courts, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and local and state regulatory proceedings. We understand the industry, and more importantly we understand our clients and their businesses. Our lawyers routinely represent developers, real estate investors, hotel owners, and contractors, and we understand the complicated issues that arise.. With industry knowledge, tested advocacy skills, and essential case management ability, we provide experienced legal advice and counsel to our clients in all real estate disputes. To get help protecting your property interests or resolving real estate litigation, contact us today.

Untangling Complicated Real Estate Issues

Not every real estate dispute fits neatly into a category. Any time a property owner’s rights and obligations are implicated, there is a chance a lawsuit will result. Often, those interests can become entangled with those of insurance providers, neighboring property owners, and municipal governments. Your company’s success in defending quiet title actions and other real property disputes depends on working with knowledgeable real estate attorneys willing to do the work to untangle the various property interests.

When a property owner’s responsibilities and obligations are at issue, the future of your business may depend on receiving timely and complete property insurance benefits to cover any potential liability. However, when your interests are tied up with those of an insurance company, it can be difficult to ensure your real property interests are fully protected. Our firm represents property owners, property management companies, and franchise owners directly, protecting their interests, even against their own insurance companies.

Resolving Disputes Over Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions are rarely simple. Even a carefully negotiated purchase and sale agreement can result in real estate litigation when the purchaser or seller is unable to satisfy their obligations. We routinely help purchasers who need to address issues related to defects in the property after taking possession. We also assist a sellers respond to and litigate claims raised by disgruntled purchasers. Whether in mediation, arbitration, state court, or federal court, we help our clients negotiate economical resolutions and advocate for our clients’ positions in court and arbitration.

Legal Answers for the Lodging Industry

Property owners and hoteliers can face legal challenges from all sides. Real estate litigation related to a hotel, apartment complex, or rental property can come from would-be tenants and guests, property purchasers and sellers, franchisors, and from local and state governments. No matter what kind of real estate litigation you are facing, Patel Anderson can help. We are a full service law firm, assisting property owners, management companies, and contractors with a broad range of real estate litigation and commercial dispute resolution.

Keeping Franchisee’s Businesses Running Smoothly

Complicated franchise contracts can create complex real estate litigation challenges when a franchisor’s demands clash with realistic practicalities. At Patel Anderson, we defend franchisees against lawsuits by their franchisor, helping them stay in business and protecting their right to use the name, brand, and business connections they have developed under their contracts. We also protect our clients’ interests in lawsuits against franchisors when necessary to enforce the terms of franchise agreements or protect against anti-competitive practices.

Get Personalized Assistance with Your Commercial Real Estate Litigation

We care about you and your business as much as you do. Our team of real estate attorneys are here to help you develop litigation strategies that meet our clients’ needs and protect their property interests. We see our clients’ matters through to the end, giving their business our personal attention. Contact us today to speak with our team about your legal needs.