At Patel Anderson, we’ve built a name for ourselves representing the lodging industry, franchisees, and other business owners. While past results do not guarantee future success, we are proud of the work we’ve done helping business owners and professionals in Texas and nationwide.

Successfully represented numerous hotel owners as defense counsel against sex trafficking and premise liability claims. Soon after being retained, Pimal was able to secure dismissal without enduring additional costs of litigation for clients.
Served as counsel to multiple Tropical Smoothie Café franchisees in their lease negotiation and franchise document review.
Successfully represented numerous developers and investors in the acquisition, disposition, leasing, and financing of commercial real estate projects.
Served as borrowers’ counsel in numerous acquisitions and loan modifications on behalf of hotel owners and real estate developers.

Represented and defended a private hotel investor in an arbitration action against a nationwide hotel management company.
Successfully secured dismissal of a nuisance abatement action brought by the local county.

Represented an OYO Hotels franchisee in connection with contract negotiation and subsequent disputes relating to OYO Hotels business practices.
Successfully represented a Subway franchisee investor and secured a judgment in excess of $334k on behalf of a Subway franchisee investor for claims of fraud.
Represented a former Wyndham Hotels franchisee as defense counsel in a breach of contract action brought by Wyndham. Franchisor claimed it was entitled to amounts including liquidated damages. After months of negotiation, the case resulted in a successful settlement with favorable terms.
Represented a former Holiday Inn Express franchisee as appellate counsel after claims against IHG were dismissed by the client’s former counsel. Soon after being retained, Attorney Pimal Patel was able to secure a settlement without enduring additional costs of litigation for the client.
Represented a former Choice Hotels franchisee as defense counsel in an arbitration action brought by Choice Hotels for non-payment of royalties and liquidated damages. After receiving the file, Pimal was able to save the client from significant damages with favorable settlement terms.
Represented a former Wyndham Hotels franchisee as defense counsel. Franchisor claimed it was entitled to royalties as a result of an accounting audit. Pimal was able to negotiate a successful resolution to the satisfaction of the former franchisee.
Successfully negotiated a franchise agreement for a Choice Hotels franchise on behalf of a private investor. Pimal was successfully able to negotiate terms favorable to the client in accordance with its long-term goals.

Successfully represented a hotel owner in a dispute with its general contractor. After nearly 2 years, Attorney Pimal Patel was able to secure an arbitration award and confirmed judgment in excess of $1.5m, removal of general contractor’s mechanic’s lien, and appointment of a receiver of general contractor.
Successfully represented a telecommunications contractor and secured judgment and foreclosure of a mechanic’s lien for debts owed by a property developer.

Successfully defended against claims of defamation, disgorgement, and declaratory judgment on behalf of the client. After reviewing the file, Pimal drafted and implemented targeted discovery, and which led to full dismissal of all claims against the client.
Successfully represented police officers in their civil rights claims and violations of due process against a local municipality.
Represented various businesses in their federal appeal for the wrongful denial of economic losses as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.
Represented a wide variety of businesses in their claims arising out the economic and property damages settlement from In Re Oil Spill by the oil rig “Deepwater Horizon” in Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010, MDL 2179
Served as private counsel to an FBS Division I football coach in a wrongful death action. After reviewing the file and investigating relevant facts, claims against the client were dismissed.
Represented a successful sales executive in threatened litigation for breach of contract and related claims by its former employer. An aggressive response resulted in the former employer dropping threats of litigation.
Secured voluntary dismissal without settlement of a premise liability claim against a hotel.
Secured a favorable settlement in a partnership and shareholder oppression dispute.
Represented a medical professional in a contract negotiation with a nationwide service provider.
Successfully represented a former NBA player in various matters relating to his business and professional endeavors.

Property Tax

Successfully represented a property owner in a property tax dispute brought by the local county. After review of the lawsuit, Attorney Pimal Patel was able to secure a dismissal of the lawsuit successfully.
Represented numerous property owners in property tax appeals and disputes with their respective appraisal districts and appraisal review boards. As a result of Pimal’s representation, his clients have saved countless dollars in tax liability.

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