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Pimal Patel

Phone: 713-893-3637
Attorney Pimal A. Patel represents individuals, corporations, hotel owners, and other businesses in a wide variety of business transactions and litigation matters. His primary focus is in the areas of real estate, franchise litigation, interchange fe… Read More
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Joseph Anderson

Phone: 713-893-3637
Joseph Anderson represents individuals, property owners, contractors, and other businesses in a wide variety of commercial disputes including real estate, construction, insurance, finance, and hospitality related matters. He has represented clients i… Read More
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Michael Prewitt

Phone: 713-893-3637
Associate Attorney Michael Prewitt represents individuals, businesses, contractors, and other entities in a variety of commercial litigation disputes and transactional matters including real estate, construction and development, and franchise dispute… Read More
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Rahul Y. Parikh

Phone: 713-893-3637
Rahul Y. Parikh is a contract litigation attorney in Orlando, Florida. He serves as of-counsel to Patel Anderson, LLP, offering litigation support in the areas of franchise disputes, contract litigation, and anti-trust claim representation. Mr. Parik… Read More
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